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MRH SET Of 9 Ram Power Zone Golf Clubs Irons 3-9 + Sand & Pitching Wedge Stiff
MRH SET Of 9 Ram Power Zone Golf Clubs Irons 3-9 + Sand & Pitching Wedge Stiff
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What an OEM Surprise today!

*ndacup said: Customer complained that his new driver was not working and it MUST be in need of a reshaft.... I asked to look at him swing the driver first before I take the driver in to analyze it . This guy swung the club like Pinocchio on crack...his swing made Charles Barkley's look like Ernie Els... I then asked him to leave his driver with me.... Slipped it in the F.A. and this club surprised was the low end (cost wise) version of the assembled OEM offering...had a butt flex well close to std butt flex for it's stated, it was obvious that this combination WAS spined and floed. The club was the Adams Insight driver with the Aldila ultralite shaft.. So tomorrow morning I have to give the customer a call and tell him the club is not may not be suitable for him....but we won't know till he takes lessons and gains consistancy. As always, for every 10 dollars a customer puts towards lessons (at our recomendation), we apply one dollar towards equipment purchases. I've always felt the Nicklaus and Adams were by and large under-rated products...but that driver from Adams is as good and consistent as anything I've ever seen off the rack, even at premium costs.

S*ndpiper3 said: Made Charles Barkley look like the Big Easy?!?!?! You HAVE! to get a video of this guy! Tell him its for the OEM and take the vid and post it up!!!:D

tw*fast2s said: i'd like to see this one too. i saw him swing on youtube and it was interesting.

W*ldCatGolfer17 said: I love ernires swing... i want it sooo bad.. only 5 inches taller to go.. he is 6'5'' Right?

R*ckford35 said: I play with a guy on my regular men's nite that hits this same Adams and flat out bombs it. I'm 285ish off the tee, and many times he's 30 yards longer than me. R35

Cl*gnut said: Could someone fill me in on what "flo-ing" is when it comes to shafts? I've seen the term before, and I never have known what it means.

BSt*ne said: FLAT LINE OSCILLATION (FLO)-The best test of precise Spine location is found by clamping the butt end of the shaft in a frequency analyzer or a vice clamp with the club head or a tip weight mounted, “twanging” the shaft in the swing plane, and watching for Flat Line Oscillation (FLO)—that is, the club should oscillate only in the swing plane along a Flat Line. If there is any tendency for the tip to move in a circular or oval pattern, adjust the shaft orientation by a few degrees and try again. Repeat as necessary until FLO is achieved. FLO can be found in either of the orientations shown.

Cl*gnut said: Aha, thanks TMAG.