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Any of you play Matrix XCON shafts?

gwl*e7 said: I am talking about the high launchers like the XCON 5, 6, or 7? I don't need a low launcher like the XCON F7M2 or F7M2 LTD. If you play one of theses, do you think they are worth the big bucks and why?

w*rbirdlover said: Bstone played them for awhile.... :)

R*ckford35 said: I've hit the XCON5 and 6 models. The 5 was very light, i hated it. The 6 was fantastically smooth and solid. A friend plays one in an FT-i that I recommended for him and he's KILLING it. Another guy I play with plays an FT-i with a Code 6 and that is my favorite of the 3. Worth the money? Debateable. Performance lacking? Not a chance. Great shafts. To each their own. R35

gwl*e7 said: I hit the Code 6 when I went to see Ken but I like a 44" Driver and choking down on it a bit from 45" didn't feel right. Also, I tend to launch the ball a bit low to start with. Just curious about this shaft eventhough Ken told me I'd be just as well off to leave everything as it was. You know how the ho' just comes out in you sometimes. Oh, The XCON 6 would be in the correct weight range for me.

fr*dcouplesfan said: The X-con launches higher and spins a little more than the code series, is this correct???

gwl*e7 said: It does launch higher but is still an allegedly low spin shaft.

BSt*ne said: I played the XCon 6 in my old SuperQuad TP head, was a high launching shaft. It was mid spin the XCon Altus is a high launch very low spin shaft. I liked the feel of the shaft, but it was too light for me in the 6 and had I gone to the 7, there wasn't anything heavier for the fairway woods. I am currently using the F7M2 LTD in my driver and the 8M2 in my fairways, both are an XCon design, but as mentioned are lower launching.