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MRH SET Of 9 Ram Power Zone Golf Clubs Irons 3-9 + Sand & Pitching Wedge Stiff
MRH SET Of 9 Ram Power Zone Golf Clubs Irons 3-9 + Sand & Pitching Wedge Stiff
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HOG Mallet putters

S*lverUberXeno said: Hey guys. I'm actually looking for another one of the putter I'm currently using, because mine is beat to smitherines, and it's just not right to have a beat up putter in a bag full of all brand new stuff (bag included!) I can't find the mallets (Models 1003 and 1004 I believe) ANYWHERE, ebay, google, etc. If any of you guys have seen one of these around, please let me know!

S*lverUberXeno said: Just bumping this old girl. Still on the lookout!

R*ckford35 said: PING ECHO 2, HOG MALLET, WILSON 3010 PUTTER, THREE IN 1 - eBay (item 260198390683 end time Jan-09-08 18:00:00 PST) That auction has 3 in one. Buy them all and sell the other two for that price and get the HOG for free.Hog Golf 1005B "Steel Mallet" Putter Here's a place that has one for $35. 1005 tho. R35

R*ckford35 said: Another one...Hog 1005D Tour Mallet Milled Putter - RH : Golf Equipment from I think the 1003 is the blade, and the 1004 and 1005 are the mallets... R35

S*lverUberXeno said: Thanks! I found the ebay auction earlier which reminded me of this topic. Those other putters look like $hit so I was weary about that one. Also found the 1005 at Dallas. I'm really loving my 1004. It's so heavy that it's virtually impossible not to stroke it smoothly. That 1005D looks pretty good... :)